THAI CURRY PASTE (see recipe page)
Our version of this popular curry paste made from a recipe we picked up in Thailand.  Made with fresh ingredients, just stir fry the curry paste then add coconut milk; the result is a lovely aromatic coconut curry sauce. Kept refrigerated this paste will keep for at least 3 months.
CURRY KAPITAN PASTE (see recipe page)
A Nonya recipe, which is a blend of the Malay and Chinese cuisines of Malacca in southern Malaysia this curry paste is made with fresh ginger, red chillis, lime leaves and lemon grass. Although the curry is traditionally made with chicken it works equally well with fish and vegetables.

Made after a special request for “something really hot”. This is a paste made from red chilli, coriander and cumin.  Use sparingly!  Try spreading a little on a pastry case before adding a quiche filling or make a stuffing for roast lamb with pine nuts breadcrumbs raisins and Harissa for a Moroccan feel. Excellent for giving 'Cous Cous' a lift!

delicious blend of Green Chilli, Garlic, Cumin Seed and Coriander leaves Roasted in a hot oven and pounded to a paste with olive Oil to form a fantastic Roasted Green Chilli Paste.  Use to make a classic Chilli con Carne meal or to add deep rich Smokey heat to any dish.